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Kind Kids Yoga & Mindfulness 


Kind Kids has been created to support a child emotionally, physically and mentally so they can release and heal themselves when times get tough or life isn't feeling so easy. As we are all human and it is a part of the journey to experience emotional upset, to have difficulties crop up in our lives and sometimes trauma can't be avoided. But how we deal with the trauma is something we can manage. Many adults have faced some difficulties in their lives, big or small, and if we haven't been given the right tools, help or guidance then this can be held in our minds and bodies, causing mental or physical issues as the stress builds up. 

When children learn yoga, mindfulness and EFT they are able to use the methods taught to heal in that moment so it does not sit over time and cause further problems when they grow up. Overall yoga is for everyone, it can be adapted and made accessible to all children.   whether your child has been diagnosed with a physical or emotional disability, the class can be tailored, or perhaps a one to one session can be made. There are no religious teachings, which allows all backgrounds to receive the benefits of yoga. 


The postures of yoga (asana) are holding poses for small or long periods of time and builds up strength, focus, balance. Stretches, assist bodily functions, hormonal balance and ease any physical pains. They also work on the energy system that we cannot see. In other cultures called Prana or Chi. Postures open up the pressure points allowing held in emotions to be released, it also brings in new healthy life force (prana, chi).  

Yoga Breath(Pranayama )

Breathing Is one of the most important parts of survival and keeping our bodies and minds fit and healthy, yet we often neglect the importance of it and how beneficial it is to understanding how it can be used to keep us calm during the storm of the mind. Often we shallow breathe, which means we aren't accessing all areas of the lungs, and therefore free radicles (toxins) can begin to build up in the body. Not only that but mindful breathing calms the nervous system, builds our immune system, helps us to focus, frees the mind of chatter, soothes worrying thoughts and allows us to think more clearly and make better decisions.  Breathing techniques are shown to the children, made fun and memorable, so they can use them as a daily practice and help them move through difficult emotions and much more! 


 it's simply being present in every moment and taking the time to appreciate where we are in our lives, the things we are doing and the person that we are. It sounds easy, but in our busy lives this gets lost, we are constantly planning for the future and worrying about how each decision will affect the next moment. Children, however, are generally very present, they could be given a cardboard box and be entertained for hours. This, however, is also changing, with all the electric devices, TV and brightly coloured multifaceted toys. Teaching Mindfulness will bring them back to their true nature so that as time goes on they are able to appreciate each moment. How is this done? By learning through play, arts and crafts, relaxations techniques, learning about how their mind works, affirmations and more. 


 This method was developed in 1990 to assist with many different physical and emotional issues that we were suffering from. From PTSD, allergies, emotional disorders. It is a very gentle technique that involves tapping on specific pressure points whilst focusing on the emotion that is needed to be released. What is great about EFT is that the child will do this themselves with assistance in what to say. It's extremely effective and can be done at any point that they feel they need it. This will also bring awareness of emotions and how they can be dealt with calmly and safely. This can be done in group sessions, online or one to one.