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 Healing sessions 


remembering our bodies ability to heal itself!



Children are highly intuitive. There was a point where there was no interference from human conditioning and beliefs. As they start to grow up in this world, this can begin to change, which can cause confusion or a sense of ungroundedness. 

There is an increasing number of children with anxiety and other mental health conditions. The healing session will help bring the child back into a balanced state and put them onto a good start in life as they will be able to stay more aligned with their true nature. 

There are also children who are highly vibrational beings, that bring the energies for transformation for the earth and humanity. These children will greatly benefit from healing sessions/ mentoring. If you get a sense your child is highly evolved spiritually, may have trouble conforming to human structures, this could be a great place to start. Here we can help them maintain their energy centres and cultivate their intuitive abilities.

Session £33/55 depending on the structure of a session. Parents are always present in the room and may be asked to participate. 

Block bookings can be made. 

Visit Cosmic Heart Space for more information on Energy Modalities for adults and children.