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Our Philosophy 

            Kind Kids, kind World. 

    Set your child off to a good start and enrich them with yoga and mindfulness!

In the world we live in, there is a lot going on, from home life to school and children are now getting an even earlier start on social media. This can be overwhelming. Big emotions are difficult for children to navigate with all the additional expectations. This is why i, Georgia have created a class that allows children to be kind to themselves and others. 

Kindness doesn't always come naturally. If we are under stress and unable to manage the negative emotions, they can begin to affect us in the long run and also our relationships. 

Along with creating a calmer mind, yoga has many physical benefits that contribute to their development. Yoga brings balance, stability, and strength, building healthy bones and mobility. With the yoga asanas (postures), combined with breathing techniques, builds on their mental strength to focus during class, sleep better and create coherence between the left and right side of the brain (like mini dolphins!). When this balance occurs we are able to be both logical and creative, thus making it easier for us to overcome life's difficulties. Overall yoga is about creating calm, balance and harmony into all aspects of life, enabling kids to be kind to themselves, to others and the planet.

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